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Welcome to our new FAITH and Wellness Blog

Welcome to Essential Therapy’s Faith and Wellness Blog.

I am your writer, Esther Berry. Its great to have an outlet here to write and pour out what has been instilled on the inside of me. I have been thinking in blogs as I go through out my day, wisdom I’m learning that I’d love to share with you!

I hope to present wellness to you from a holistic and spirit filled approach. I fully believe that the body’s divine design has been equipped for fighting, healing, and victory and where it is lacking the grace of God is strong in that weakness.

The Lord who created you has an opinion about you and your health. He wishes to lavish blessings on you and to teach you more. That wisdom from Him not only keeps and protects you it also increases your knowledge of how to live a more fulfilling life. The best part is, while He teaches you, you get to grow in intimacy with Him.

We have only to ask for wisdom and it shall be given to all without finding fault! “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you” (James 1:5 NIV).

So ask God right now for wisdom in your everyday decisions. Ask God for leading in your health and wellness. My son ask me yesterday: “Mom, we don’t have much time here do we? We will be in heaven soon!” And that is so true! The best way to spend our time is how it was intended, close to our God, pure in body and spirit, and free from this world as we long for our heavenly homes and the NEW form we will receive.

Holistic means looking at the body and its healing as a whole. Faith is a HUGE part of healing. The woman with bleeding in Mark 5 spent all she had on doctors and did not receive the healing she needed, but in touching just the edge of His garment she receive, in faith, total healing.

I aim to grow deeper in Faith and be led by the Holy Spirit in every area of my life. It is exceptionally important in taking care of our bodies as good stewards, to be sensitive to His voice, especially in making health decisions.

Let us, together, pursue intimacy and greater faith in Christ. Let us overcome obstacles, heal, enjoy, and do our parts in obedience to take care of the wonderful made bodies He has given to us. Let’s not waste any more time with unhealthy choices. Lets not listen to the world but to His voice!

I’d love to grow with you on your journey! You can subscribe to this blog and follow us on our Facebook page. You can also subscribe to our email list for more encouragement, updates, and skincare and wellness deals.

I also LOVE talking with you one on one, so feel free to reach out. Encouraging is one of my greatest joys and it encourages me to get the chance to speak His love and joy over you!

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