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I was on the floor yesterday in pain, trying to call my husband, and my son looks at me and says nonchalantly, “Mom, why don’t you just pray.” My immediate feeling was annoyance and distress. I did pray begrudgingly, because you can’t be caught, as a mom of three, going against your own advice. So I prayed out loud half-hardheartedly to which he asks: “so how do you feel now?”

Oh the simple faith of children! I grumbled, “a little bit better” and proceeded with my call. Calling my husband did not take the pain away. Resting did help but the gnawing pain in my stomach kept at it, until i started praying for real. I entered into a worshipful battle zone, I asked for prayer from a prayer warrior, and then with more courage and determination, I sat up in bed called out to the Lord and entered deeper into warfare.

I knew then without any doubt that it was warfare because the enemy started to lose and my body regained victory over the ailment. I had a strong conviction for my lack of faith in dealing with my son. I should have started the battle when it first attacked, but I unknowingly sunk deeper into the pain, thinking it must have been a vitamin I had taken. I actually began to feel this pain right after doing some prayer over my husband’s day. I had been praying over his food and water and anointing his supplements. That may seem strange to do, and it is I admit, not my normal routine, but being active in my prayer life has really brought me closer to my King. There is certainly power in prayer and a blessing in praying over our husbands!

I had anointing his things and then anointed my stomach. I honestly don’t know why I did that, I just did it. Right after this I experienced an intense pain that kept getting worse. I was reminded through this teaching moment that often when we start to pray or battle the enemy battles back. You don’t put on the armor of God to walk around uncontested , you put on the armor of God to go into battle.

Battle is not a pretty place! Have you ever watched a serene and picturesque war movie? Of course not! There is an intense atmosphere, fierce battle cries and pain laced screams. The blood being spewed out makes you cringe and the bodies are filthy and I can imagine battles are also rather stinky.

Ever since the initial attack I’ve been praying over my stomach. I believe I know what is going on internally, and the Lord’s given me peace and remedies for it, but I still have to keep praying. It gives me a fighting edge and after I pray the pain dies down, sometimes I have to fight a little bit stronger.

People often believe that because we experience pain as believers that God’s healing doesn’t exist anymore. Its like saying I don’t hear God so He must not speak. Both are lies build on feelings of defeat and not victory. If you have ever had defeat in your life or experienced any pain or loss its incredibly easy to build up walls of lies around you that God doesn’t or won’t heal.

Its not that simple however. The spiritual battles are very real, but even more so, is the God of healing. Tuning into His spirit is so vital to the Faith. You are either listening to His spirit or you are listening to something else.

I had someone ask me an interesting question at a Fair recently. My Nana and I were both behind the table. A lady walked up and asked, “Who here is the Healer”. I did not feel like I could claim that title so I replied, “The Lord.” She looked at me like I was crazy and even though I understood what she meant, I still couldn’t claim it. I added after a minute of pause, but I do make these products. Then the conversation changed to questions and advice, of which I admit I did not know the answer to.

I now know the answer, however, because not only is HE my HEALER He is also my TEACHER. He has been teaching me about Healing. He has led me on a journey away from the addiction of running to other things and running to Him. I obviously needed that reminder from my five year old. His way was not medicine but His touch. His way for me is this business, Essential Therapy, that I see now is more as a weapon than anything else.

He is ushering in His kingdom in North Georgia and He is doing it as a conquering King and as a Healer. There are so many people moving away from the medical field because it isn’t satisfying their needs and it is causing other problems in their bodies. People are also dissapointed by the money thirsty pharmaceutical companies, by the pushing of vaccines and other treatments, and by the government based regulators of these industries.

There is a disparity and a deep need for answers. People are hungry for a HEALER. That is why Essential Therapy has become the Lord’s tool for ushering in His Kingdom. That is our vision for North Georgia: that revival would start here and people would experience Christ through us. Each city we go to we feel the warfare, we see the need, and we pray for revival.

There is an incredible amount of warfare and oppression in the mountains of North Georgia. Mountains are very strategic, they point to a place of control. If you visit Europe you will notice castles are all build on a high point so that they can look out for enemies coming.

I was driving to my husband’s office in Clarkesville one day and I was given a vision of the enemy over the mountain. The road points directly to Mount Yonah and I saw the dark angel hovering over the mountain. I believe I had been praying about my business at that moment and was thinking about a future fair in that area. The vision was clear: there was a strong hold over that mountain and this area. The enemy has the high ground and He wants to stand in our way, but God was waging a battle against the enemy to claim this area. Now before I enter an area I pray over counties and ask the Holy Spirit if they are open for me. The scripture, reminders, and songs He gives me for each fair is very fitting. I don’t always make the sales I want to but He brings the right people to our table and I believe God i strategically moving us.

The Healer is on the move! He is making His way into the mountains of North Georgia and looking for people whose hearts are open to Him. Revival will spring up and break out and the enemy will lose His hold in people’s lives. The HEALER is on the move!!

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