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The Therapeutic property of plants have been used since the Bible times. God commanded the Israelite’s to use many different kinds in the purification process and in cleansing the temple. They were also used as incense and would burn day and night within the temple. The priests would then use them in anointing kings and those same kings used them as medicine or perfume.

Many other cultures have used Essential oils for their religious practices as well as their beauty treatments. Its interesting to note that Queen Esther would have used myrrh in her beauty treatments for six months and Balsam for another six months before her presentation to the Persian king.

Myrrh was also a gift worthy of a king and was worth more than the gold given to Jesus by the Magi at that time. Its no coincidence then that myrrh among many other oils would have been used in the burial process and is in the prophetic description of His second coming in Psalm 45:8 which reads: “your robes are all fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia.”

Myrrh reflects the symbol of Jesus as a conquering King! He is the only King who has risen and conquered death, and that is the scent that he will carry with Him, a scent of victory and anointing!

It would be easy to believe, because I find all of this information on Essential Oils so interesting, that I have a passion for oils. I guess in some way I do. I enjoy working with them to create recipes and remedies and I do find them very therapeutic. BUT it stems out of a passion the Lord has ingrained in me. That passion is for HIS Healing! The Bible is FULL of scripture about healing and it is also full of scripture about Oils.

A verse I’ve been thinking over this past week is this scripture: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full, ” (John 10:10). That fullness is one of healing. It is a light that chases away all the darkness of the soul. It undoes the harm the enemy has inflicted and starts a chain reaction of healing throughout the whole person. Some have accepted this gift of grace but don’t let the Fullness of Christ rule their hearts, minds and bodies! FULL of CHRIST means EMPTY of EVERYTHING ELSE. The cry of freedom is the call to come out of your chains, pick up a weapon, and start a journey of conquest. Conquest infers victory when its done with the one who has already conquered all. That victory leads to FULL joy, FULL peace, and FULL freedom!

I am passionate about the conquest and the victory for others that leads them to deeper healing and intimacy with our great physician. I don’t ever want to be without a tool in my belt or be ill equipped in this spiritual fight. One such tool for victory that I have been using are essential oils.

Essential Oils work for the healing process. They are not the quick fix medications in your cabinet. They are a treatment of deeper healing. Under prayerful guidance you can enter a deeper level of relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn more about His healing process. I so enjoy working with Him and letting Him lead my spirit as well as my body! He really cares about your health, every aspect of it. He is the BEST counselor, and if He lives in us we have access to the best counsel that can ever be given through the Holy Spirit.

I applied Frankincense diluted in almond oil among other oils to my skin and hair every day after I gave birth. I prayed over myself and my mental health. I fought the blues and hormonal changes and many spiritual battles. I even had a strange lump that disappeared. I looked at my skin after two months and saw how it had healed and added a new vibrancy to my appearance. More importantly, I saw how it helped me through a difficult change and helped my body heal in the transition. I also saw healing in areas I didn’t expect. I am still healing, and I have all the help I can get!

I feel more radiant now than I did before I had three children. That is because of the growth of my prayer life and learning to hear His voice which also came with the growth of my knowledge and use of oils. Oils are not meant to be used in a new age/witch craft way, which I unfortunately see many doing! They are an aid, a medicine, and a tool.

I try to activate my prayer life when I use my oils so that I am actively living out my faith even as it pertains to my body and its healing. I also participate in anointing because it helps me to pray without growing stagnant. It symbolized Christ’s presence and my reverence to Him. It means I am fully participating in the process and my body is fighting the good fight right alongside the Holy Spirit. I anoint my house with oil and pray over each room. I pray over my body and lavish it with oils. I pray over my kids and husband and anoint where they sleep. I have used them in prayers for healing or ministry. There are a great many scriptures on the use of oils in healing. Here are just a few:

Mark 6:16 (ESV)

“And they cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them.”

James 5:14 (ESV)

“Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

Because Jesus is the Victorious King and His garments are scented of aloes (most likely sandalwood), myrrh, and cassia (which is like a cinnamon) anointing our houses and our families is like inviting His presence into our homes! The same goes for ministry and the prayer battles done there. The oils are powerful because they have medicinal and cleansing properties and the prayer is spiritually powerful because of the AWESOME God behind them! I believe God appreciates symbolism of His presence and our active participation. We were never meant to just sit and pray, although there is nothing wrong with it! We were made for active prayer, fighting prayer, creative, expressive and participating prayer, just like worship! Within the safe boundaries of the leading of the Holy Spirit you can add strength and healing to your life through the confidence of His presence and anoint all that needs His presence and healing.

His Fragrant Presence Anointing Oil

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