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He has done it

Oh God I want to be out of this mess. I need lifting up and protection from the attack on my mind and body. It is a full pressed attack and it keeps coming. It feel like your waves have washed over me one hundred times over. If I stay here I know I won’t sink because you will hold me but I feel like I’m water logged. I need to breathe. I need you. I know now I have no strength. I know now I am nothing without you. Surely I can not even wake without you. Surely I have no food a part from you. Surely I would die in a shallow grave if it were not for your hand in my life. Now you have put me in a tight place for over a year. I have been here wanting your work to be completed and my healing and refinement to come to full power and hoping the ocean will soon be calm. That the fire would not get too hot and burn me.

I have little strength and no ability of my own to complete my callings. I can only meet the challenges with your Holy Spirit of those things right in front of me at the moment. I don’t know how I’ll finish projects or extra things. I can do no more that whats in my sphere. Unless….unless you let me live again. Unless you make me better than I was before. Maybe you’ll let me run again, but further. Maybe you’ll let me dance again, but harder. Maybe you’ll let me write again, speak again, create again, and touch again.

Mouth, be open and receive his life again, taste and see that He is good. He gives good things to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. Good are the plans you have for me God. You are doing it. I can see its new and different. I can see its prosperous. I can see it. Let me feel it. Let me taste the rain from heaven and feel the green grass under my feet. Let me frolic and jump, laugh and sing. Let the mountains be made into a plane and the valleys be raised up that I may declare to a people yet unheard He HAS DONE IT!

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