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Viewing God through our lense is hard. Our lense is small, near sighted, and sometimes blurry. Did you know we actually see things upside down but our brain turns it around for us. Amazing isn’t it, that we rely so heavily on something that changes, isn’t steady, and must outsource to work properly.

I’ve been glasses free for two months. For a while I actually noticed an improvement in my sight as I learned not to squint and relax, however lately, fighting off seasonal changes my eyesight has gone back to feeling a little fuzzy.

I’ve been praying in this new year for clear vision for a few different reasons. I want the Lord to heal my eyesight. My eyesight is not even very bad. Its actually quite good without glasses but not 20/20. In the last few years since having kids my eyes were too tired and too dry to wear my contacts so I got new glasses. This year I was beyond tired many times, fighting fatique and weakness as a breastfeeding mom of three, and I could hide my giant eye bags beneath my cute but large red framed glasses.

Its 2023 and I am done with that. I want no more part in tired dry eyes. I want my strength to be remade and my energy revitalized. I want my body to read my spirit and flame on into my calling with zeal. I want my eyes to reflect the joy of my heavenly calling that’s been weighed down by life realities.

In the early part of the year as I was praying for this revival for myself and for vision, I took off my glasses and said, your vision God, I want your vision. I’m not satisfied with these tired eyes I want more. I want clarity of purpose and direction. I want clear physical sight, you are my physician, Lord. You take care of the rest of my health, why not my vision?”

I did my part as an Essential Oil Enthusiast and business owner to look up oils for the eyes. Clary Sage is the only oil in my learning that I’ve found that is beneficial for the eyes. Clary Sage means: the “eyes of Christ.” Although I’m still waiting on my eyes to be healed, when I look through eyes of Christ and not my own my clouded and nearsightedness becomes clear. I can see all that matters and shake off what doesn’t. I can look past the momentary affliction and reach forward for my heavenly calling.

“He would calls is faithful and He will do it.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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