Essential Therapy

Designed for Wellness


Hey I’m Esther Berry, Owner and Artisan behind Essential Therapy. I started out almost 6 years ago in skin care, becoming more and more drawn to wellness over the years.

In our home we eat a little different than most. We live a little differently too. We can’t strive to be perfect but I pay attention to what Christ has a say in my home from the food we eat to how we treat sickness.

We use home remedies for ourselves, or I should say, recipes the Lord gives us. That’s why our business looks a little different too, its the Lord leading the building of wellness blends.

As a counseling undergrad, I’ve been increasingly interested in the mind and body connection. I believe there is healing, through the leading of the Holy Spirit that can be done through essential oils that naturally break through the blood brain barrier. I hold to the affirming power of Christ as I make compatible blends for women so they can live like they were originally made to and be who they are: creatures of beauty meant for displaying their divine aroma and extraordinary personalities.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Essential Therapy provides quality products, wonderful customer service, and an overall beautiful experience working with Esther.

— Hayli Brewer